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Imagine that all paper documents commonly used by your team are scanned before being moved to the physical archive and they are then available 24/7 in a database, as well as native digital documents, created or received in your organization. Your employees and collaborators can search, access, approve and deliver them simply and quickly. DxArchive service makes available the foregoing imagined scenarios, so you save money and earn time you can dedicate to valuable activities.


A full document archiving service, equipped with advanced search, indexing, versioning, electronic signature, shared documents and multiple access rights to take care of all your company documents.

  • Lowers the costs of keeping and managing physical documents.
  • Lowers the time spent searching through a physical archive with high availability and instant query results.
  • No risk of archive damage and document loss, especially important for sensitive records.
  • High audit and regulation compliance.
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24/7 availability, secure and quick document access

The ability to customize the security level

Option to print and archive documents remotely

Document conversion into electronic format and archiving

Storage, classification, advanced search methods, integrated workflow management mechanisms

WEB content editing and display services