docprocess | DxEDI – Electronic Data Interchange
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DocXchange for Electronic Data Interchange

DocXchange, an EDI platform for digital connections between companies

With our flexible, open and secure EDI platform, DocXchange, we enable electronic document exchanges for companies of any size and of any integration capacity.
Over 3,200 companies use our capabilities to digitalize connections with their suppliers and customers, to send, receive and archive documents adapted to their IT system and visualize reports that enable the monitoring of transactions.

Purchase to Pay Services

Purchase to Pay ServicesDocXchange offers full support for the electronic document interchanges involved in purchasing and sales processes. Orders, expedition advices, reception advices, invoices, as well as declarations can be digitalized, received, converted, controlled and sent by the users of DocXchange. In addition to the classical Purchase to Pay services, DocXchange offers value-added services such as:

  • Automated control: syntax and content, fiscal and operational rules
  • Automated and semi-automated processes to establish the final purchasing order, to send and receive notices and for invoice validation
  • Messages informing the parties on the processing status of any document
  • Group or individual profiling for sets of custom business rules and workflows
  • Key data updates and shared references services (product catalogues)
  • Services of inter-operation with other platforms
  • Support for processes such as negotiation of orders or litigation management



  • Orders transformation  into invoices or despatch advices with a simple click
  • Customizable alerts for orders receiving


  • Order reception without delay.
  • Regardless of the original data format, only one received format, yours.
  • Orders integrated into your sales management system

Despatch Advices


  • Despatch transformation into receipt advice with a simple click


  • No delay transmission of the dispatch advices to customers, with receipt acknowledgement
  • Time savings in logistic processes

Receipt Advices


  • Turn receipt advices into invoices by a simple click


  • No delay reception of the documents
  • One data format in input, regardless the original format
  • Litigation rate reduced



  • Automatic format and content check
  • Errors notification
  • n way matching
  • Validations
  • Process notifications transfer (platform and parties messages)
  • Status reports


  • Eliminate data entry errors and incomplete data entry
  • Invoice loss avoided
  • Process traceability
  • Reduction of execution time
  • Supplier exchanges streamlining
  • Supplier relationship improvement